VitaminFall Showerhead Installation

VitaminFall showerhead install instructions

No tools required (unless your old showerhead is seized on)

1)Remove your current handheld showerhead

2)Spin your new VitaminFall showerhead onto your hose

3)Enjoy your new showering experience :)

Important Notes:

  • Do not run the VitaminFall showerhead with the vitamin C filter’s cap removed, this will drain all of the vitamin C formula in 1-2 showers.  There is a tiny hole in the cap, and that is all the water flow needed!
  • The VitaminFall comes out of the box ready to go.  Just spin it onto your hose.  No need to take it apart.
  • If you do not currently have a handheld shower head, check out our universal kit.  These make any old showerhead replaceable by the VitaminFall showerhead.
  • Vitamin C filters last just over a month for two people showering daily (with a 10 minute average shower time)
  • The medical stones in the top of the head, and the microfibre cloth last 6+ months, depending on your water quality (Hard water or highly chlorinated water will impact this)

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