VitaminFall Universal Kit Installation Instructions


VitaminFall Universal Kit Installation Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of a new VitaminFall showerhead!

No tools are required for installation (unless your old showerhead is seized on)

The VitaminFall showerhead is ready to go out of the box, you do not need to open any of the inner components.

Prepare to step up your shower game! Here’s how:

1)Unscrew your current showerhead

2)Spin on the Universal Adaptor (hand-tight is fine)

3)Spin on the showerhead hose

4)Spin the hose onto the VitaminFall showerhead

5)Admire :)

Important information:

Do not run the vitaminfall with the vitamin C filter cap removed, it will empty it all in a single shower! There is a small hole in the cap that lets the water through!

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