Vitamin C Filter Replacement

VitaminFall Vitamin C Filter Replacement

Replacing your vitamin C filter is very easy!  Just spin your VitaminFall handle apart, pull out the old filter, peel the "PEEL" sticker, and drop the new one in.

Important Notes:

  • The vitamin C filter will last just over a month for two people showering daily (for about 10-15 minutes each)
  • Do not run the VitaminFall showerhead with the cap of the vitamin C filter removed
  • You will need to peel the sticker off the top of the vitamin C filter cap to reveal a tiny hole-this is all the water flow needed for the VitaminFall to work properly.
  • The vitamin C formula will NOT affect hair Dyes
  • The filter will take a long time to completely empty, but once it is close to empty, the performance of it is greatly deteriorated.  Replace the filter when there is only a little bit of the vitamin C formula in the bottom of it.

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