The Statistics Of Vitamin C

I wanted to write today to talk about a few statistics of vitamin C in today's day and age.  There are a few key points I want to hit on here: 

Vitamin C deficiency and depletion is much more common than you would think.

The daily intake limits of vitamin C

The health risks/benefits of vitamin C

How much vitamin C can we absorb through our skin?


Did you know that up to 23% of the United States population is at a depleted vitamin C level?  And up to 17% is actually deficient in vitamin C.  Did you know that smoking and vaping destroys vitamin C?

Here are the facts on daily vitamin C:


The upper daily limit is 2000 mg.  The daily minimum is 90mg for men, and 75mg for women.  The human body is fantastic at dealing with excess vitamin C.  If you reach 1000mg in a day, the body stops absorbing around 50% of it, and excretes it in urine.  

Health benefits of vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that the human body uses to fight off viruses, send chemical messages in the brain and nerves, and build collagen inside your body.  The health benefits from vitamin C are really too many to list, but it is the risks associated with low vitamin C that should be closely looked at:

Low levels of vitamin C cause fatigue, easy bruising and bleeding, irritability, joint pain and rough skin.  If the deficiency is not looked after, your bones may become weaker, your hair and nails may be weaker or grow deformities, wounds will not heal as fast and your immune system will have problems fighting off viruses.

Studies show that you can absorb up to 20% of vitamin C through your skin.  Adding a VitaminFall shower to your daily routine will help you insure that your body is getting a little extra boost of vitamin C, to help get you within the daily recommended dosage and soften skin and hair.  (Not to mention removing chlorine and making your whole bathroom smell fantastic!!)

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